Courage to Lead®: Cultivating “Habits of the Heart” for Wholehearted Leadership Retreat

March 20, 2020 - March 22, 2020
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$595.00 for all individual retreats, regardless of registration time.
Lake Huron Retreat Center
Burtchville MI

“Before we have the courage to lead others, we need to have the heart to lead our inner soul.” ~ past Courage to Lead participant.

You are invited to the shores of Lake Huron throughout the seasons for a time set apart to deepen your experience of: My habits form my leadership.

We will use Winter as inspiration and guide combined with one of the “Habits of the Heart” (HOH) Parker J. Palmer identifies in Healing the Heart of Democracy, as the catalysts for exploring your heart’s habits, cultivating your capacity to practice habits which nurture life-giving relationships, and living and leading with increasing integrity and courage. Exploring our habits will also invite us to restore and reconnect ourselves with the dreams and visions we held embarking out on life’s personal and professional journeys.

This retreat’s theme is: Dwelling in Fear and Love: Valuing Ourselves, Valuing All People and we will be exploring the “Habit of the Heart” Develop an appreciation of the value of “otherness.”

In solitary reflection, small group engagement, and community exploration, the circle will co-create space for leaders to identify and experience how their soul is formed by practices of their heart and how their heart forms their leadership.

Courage to Lead® focuses on:

  • Inviting leaders to examine personal and professional experiences by listening deeply to their “inner wisdom”..
  • Welcoming all people to co-create a compassionate community dedicated to sharing and holding our stories.
  • Honoring each leader’s gifts, strength, and limits in a way which encourages them to explore the inner landscape of their lives and uncover the interconnection of their life patterns and leadership.
  • Encouraging leaders to see themselves whole, clarify their voice, speak their convictions, and receive the truths of all people.
  • Renewing, reuniting, and recovering the intersection of heart, mind, and spirit as leaders explore the “habit(s) of their heart and how they influence their leadership.
    Leaders will grow an aptitude and appreciation for turning inside to lead outside. Attending to and fostering “habits of the heart” combined with an intention to practice wholehearted leadership develops a leader’s capacity for self-awareness, self-management, deep listening, living and leading from core values, and co-creating community with passion and joy!

“Wholeness seemed elusive, a bit out of reach, until I participated in a Circle of Trust® retreat. Now, I am living more authentically from a place my soul hungered and longed for, but kept missing. That place is where I encounter the fullness of my life when given time and safety to listen deeply and attentively to my inner wisdom – my ‘hidden wholeness.’ Today, I live, lead, and serve with greater confidence and courage, as I journey toward living a wholehearted life.” ~ past Courage to Lead participant

This Courage to Lead retreat is modeled on the Circle of Trust® approach developed by Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal. You can learn more about “Circles of Trust” at or in Parker Palmer’s book, A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life.

Continuing Education Credits may be available for this retreat.

This event is a part of a four retreat series. Participants may attend one or all.

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