Children of Abraham

September 25, 2012 - October 6, 2012

Children of Abraham

25 September – 06 October, 2012

Course Description

Interfaith Heritage and the Holy Land

This Course will focus on the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and their theologies, histories, relations, and common heritage in the Holy Land. The course will cover aspects of the following elements in the theology of the three traditions: Israel; Covenant; election; Promise; and Faith; and will focus on convergence and divergence in the relations between the three religions. Participants will study particular texts relating to Abraham from the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Quran. The beliefs of each religion about major theological concepts will be discussed: e.g. Creation; Incarnation; and Revelation. In relation to these areas, the beliefs of the three religions about God: People; Land; and Holy Book will be studied. A consideration of the practical sides of the three faiths will form a part of this course: plans include visits to synagogues, churches, and mosques. Visiting lecturers from the three faiths will speak on their traditions and lives.

St. George’sCollege Jerusalem is committed to adult education and faith formation. This Course will provide opportunities for Course participants to hear expert lecturers; participate in open discussion and debate at different levels; visit some of the holy places of the three faiths; and use the College Library in Jerusalem. Course members will be encouraged to make connections with their own faith commitments and to link their experience in the Holy Land with their lives back home.

This new Course at St. George’s College Jerusalem has a particular focus and will NOT take participants to all of the major holy sites in Israel and Palestine. It will visit only major relevant sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Nazareth. The Course will be ideal for those who have already visited the Holy Land and now wish to find out more about the relations between the three main faiths there. Course participants will need some background knowledge of the three faiths, their texts and relations before they arrive.

Course Fees

USD $2200

Course Dates

Tuesday, 25 September – Saturday, 06 October

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