Beyond Diversity 101

December 9, 2018 - December 13, 2018
Offered by Pendle Hill

Beyond Diversity 101

Dec 9-13, 2018

A four-day intensive with Tonya McClary and Ingrid Lakey

$990/private room; $890/shared room; $650/commuter

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Beyond Diversity 101 intends the healing transformation of personal relationships, community living, and organizations based in power-over dynamics and systematic discrimination. Participants are offered ways to move beyond assigning blame and increasing guilt so they can take responsibility, shift mindsets, and build useful skills. Participants will:

  • Rigorously examine the dynamics of difference and power;
  • Move beyond the oppressor/victim framework toward a new model for transformation — real change within, real change without;
  • Develop applications for continuing work at home;
  • Become more honest about this work and see where we get stuck; and
  • Recognize how our spiritual lives relate to our work toward social justice.

Beyond Diversity 101 was founded in 1999 by Niyonu D. Spann. Tonya McClary and Ingrid Lakey are trained BD101 Associates. For more information about Beyond Diversity 101, visit


Tonya McClaryTonya McClary is a minister, healer, lawyer, activist, organizer and artist. She has had a long career in indigent defense and criminal justice advocacy. In June of 2017, Tonya joined the Office of the Independent Police Monitor (OIPM) in New Orleans, Louisiana as the Chief Monitor over Use of Force cases. Tonya considers herself a life long learner and is always looking for tools to help her understand the world in deeper ways. Tonya attributes BD101 as one of the tools that has helped shape her understanding of “difference, sameness and heart work.” Tonya has been a student at several BD101’s intensives. She eventually became an intern, an assistant facilitator, and then a co-facilitator of this work. Tonya also works inside prisons leading and facilitating various art programs she has developed, that are conduits for healing.

Ingrid LakeyIngrid Lakey has been a trainer and facilitator for 25 years, leading workshops on anti-racism, inclusion, team-building, non-violence, and conflict. She recently spent two years as a capacity builder and trainer for organizations in New Haven, CT, focusing on organizational effectiveness and inclusion. Ingrid is a founder of Earth Quaker Action Team, a grassroots organization working on a nonviolent direct action campaign at the intersection of environmental, economic, and racial justice. She is a member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting.

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