Authentic Values and Leadership with Carissa Kazyss

June 14, 2017
Offered by Bethlehem Centre
Nanaimo BC

Wed Jun 14, 2017
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Tuition $50

In this experiential, reflective workshop you’ll identify the values that are currently alive in your organization, business, professional life or personal life. Using a process that draws from Integral Theory (Ken Wilber), find out what values are already operating in the areas of self, other, action and systems. Then create a holistic values statement to acknowledge and enliven these values in your leadership and personal life.

Participants will identify the values that they live by currently using a four quadrant (integral theory) approach. This can be applied to the organizational, professional and personal level. The result is a draft values statement to go with a mission and vision statement. Participants will gain insight into their leadership emphasis and style (or that of their organization) drawing on the four quadrants.

Program Outline

Introduction to the workshop, to values and to the quadrants

Identify attention / energy / time / money in each quadrant

Identify corresponding values

Paired or group discussion, working through some examples

Drafting a values statement and sharing with feedback

Leadership style emphasis

Closing discussion

Program Goals

  • Values analysis based on where people are putting their time and attention currently
  • Draft values statement based on the values identified
  • Deeper understanding of current values emphasis in the context of the four quadrants

About Carissa Kazyss

Carissa Kazyss, MA, is a business consultant and writer who brings a graduate degree in integral psychology and experience working in multi-stakeholder and business contexts. Carissa’s recent experience with a start up tech company as product manager was profoundly insightful in the areas of mission and values. Carissa has also published writing on integral theory as well as led workshops and developed applications. She has a Master’s Degree in Integral Psychology which incorporated eight streams of psychology as well as human development and integral leadership. Carissa has been honing her understanding of life mission and values for a decade through her training with The Way of the Heart, which emphasizes each individual’s unique mission.


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