Authentic Management 2015

April 28, 2015 - April 30, 2015
Tatamagouche NS


 Apr 28 – Apr 30, 2015 Tue 1:00 PM – Thu 3:00 PM $700.00
“One of the best courses I have done with the best and most authentic facilitators I have ever encountered.” 2014 participant

“Understood authenticity from a new perspective. Learned management strategies that are practiced. Learned more than I anticipated.”  2014 participant

 “I can honestly say I enjoyed everything this program had to offer. I would recommend this to anyone in a management position.” 2013 participant

 “I have learned a lot of management theory, in the past, but never anything so useful in the day to day.” 2012 participant

 “This will be a life changer.” 2012 participant

Often we get promoted to management and directorship positions without a lot of training or support for different aspects of the role. This course is for new and experienced Executive Directors and Senior Managers who wish to be grounded in foundations of what it means to be a good leader. Drawing from the realms of neuroscience, psychology and organizational development, we’ll be exploring the heart of what it means to work effectively with others in this leadership role:

  • Who you are in the management role: what strengths and blind spots do you have?
  • What does authentic and clear communication look like in practice?
  • How can you empower others to take on more leadership and responsibility for the work?
  • How do you build a cohesive team across differences?
  • How do you effectively address conflict in a way that strengthens relationships?
  • How can you build support (and maintain balance!) for yourself when you have responsibility for others?

This session is a synthesis of the Anima Leadership Development process™ offered in different contexts both nationally and internationally. Invest in brushing up on your management skills and treat yourself to this three-day skill-building intensive!

Program Cost: $700 (tuition, meals & accommodation)
Local Price: $620 (without overnight)

We strive to make our programs as accessible as possible.
Please contact our Registrar to inquire about a bursary or payment plan.

Please register at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your place in this program.


Shakil Choudhury

Shakil ChoudhuryShakil Choudhury has been building and leading teams for 20 years, both nationally and internationally.  His experience includes running community development projects in Latin America, film crews in Toronto and peace-building projects with communities in conflict in Europe.  He’s the co-founder of Anima Leadership, an award-winning company whose mission is to offer innovative organizational change and training solutions to nurture inclusive, productive workplaces and communities.  Shakil’s fascination for how the mind works, neuroscience and diversity issues has led to a holistic approach to leadership development, one that integrates emotional intelligence skills with prejudice-reduction strategies and mindfulness training.  His most challenging and fulfilling management experience, however, has been his children teaching him about fatherhood.

Paula Gallant

Paula GallantPaula Gallant, Program Resource Group (PRG) facilitator, is an adult educator who has developed and facilitated a variety of programs for community-based organizations, provincial and federal government departments, and universities. She has worked on projects throughout Atlantic Canada, as well as nationally and internationally and is able to work in three languages (English, French, and Spanish). Paula has designed and delivered a variety of programs for managers and leaders, and is very excited to be part of this authentic management course at the Centre. She is very interested in approaches to leadership and management that are grounded in equity, respect, shared power, and mutual accountability. She believes that true leadership enables participation.

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