Association of Episcopal Deacons 2021 Conference

March 4, 2021 - March 6, 2021
Thursday evening, March 4 - Saturday evening, March 6, 2021
La traducción al español se retrasa. Vuelve de nuevo la semana que viene.Lo siento mucho.
A newly designed A3D Conference, all online and affordable at $65.00!
For all those interested in deacon formation, supervision and pastoral care. 

Each diocese envisions the diaconate in a contextually customized way.  When the context is in chaos, how do deacon leaders equip our deacons to serve for such a time as this?  Join us for an online weekend among your peers in deacon formation and supervision.  

Thursday:  Keynote and Conversation
The three-day event begins on Thursday, March 4, with An Evening of Reflection and Conversation on the keynote insights of The Most Rev. Linda Nicholls, Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Archbishop Nicholls’ video keynote will be followed by facilitated conversation in Zoom break-out groups.

Note: In a new twist, AED is offering, in a separate registration called An Evening of Reflection, the video keynote and Thursday Zoom breakouts to a broadened audience.  All deacons and their supporters may attend the one-evening event for $15.00 per attendee. Information and registration for the Thursday event is available here. Encourage your deacons to register. To maintain the collegiality of the A3D experience and foster reflection on formation, the Zoom breakout Rooms for Full A3D registrants will divided from the Thursday-only registrant list.  The Thursday event is included in your Full A3D Registration. 

Friday Program
Bishop Nicholls’ video keynote on Thursday evening will be complemented on Friday with a presentation by Larry Peers, former Senior Alban Institute consultant and experienced online seminar leader. His theme will be How Can We Lead from an Emerging Future?

Larry is a widely recognized expert in adaptive church. In his presentation, he will engage us in perspectives and practices that allow us to move from “downloading from the past” towards enacting a future that wants to emerge. Larry will draw upon his extensive experience in working with religious leaders and faith-based organizations on the processes of leading through change and aligning Spirit with strategy. Facilitated conversations about engaging in this essential work will follow. Opportunity to reflect in community could address:

  • Maintaining our prophetic voice as our parishes face accelerated financial distress.
  • Self-care in default of resources. 
  • Assisting deacons isolated by COVID from their former ministries to find new paths to express their diaconal call.

“While laser focused on the work that needs to be done, Larry’s humor, non-anxious manner, and quiet confidence make even the most difficult of dilemmas feel more like an interesting puzzle waiting to be solved.” Learn more about Larry Peers.

Saturday Open Space
Ample time for our valuable Open Space discussions, where you pick the topic to address, will be included. List your topic suggestions in your registration, and for any topic drawing more than one participant, a Zoom Break-out Room will be provided.

Saturday Special Offerings
As we have offered in the recent past, Open Space time will include workshops on matters of interest. This year, we hope to include workshops on:

  • Deacon access to the Church Pension Fund;
  • The Episcopal Preaching Foundation’s new customized offerings for deacon preachers;
  • An intro to three new anti-racism and civil conversation resources;
  • A introduction to the new Spanish Language Diaconal Formation Resources Group.  

Our tech host will be Julie Lytle of Bexley Seabury Seminary, who has years of experience in managing online learning well. Dividing screen time into manageable units, Julie will help us make sure this conference has value without excessive Zoom misery.

Review the draft A3D Agenda for more details.