Asian and Asian American Study of Christianity

April 2, 2024 - May 14, 2024
April 2nd - May 14th, 2024 7 sessions, Tuesdays 8:00 PM ET - 9:30 PM ET

This course introduces the development in Asian and Asian American study of Christianity by senior scholars from various disciplines, including theology, biblical studies, practical theology, mission, interreligious dialogue, and gender and religion.

It will challenge Eurocentrism in scholarship and explore methodology, emerging issues, and debates in the various fields using Asian/American identity as a critical lens.

Participants will learn the intersection of the study of Christianity with race, ethnicity, gender, and class in the Asia Pacific from a transnational perspective. They will also gain a better understanding of doing ministry in Asian and Asian American churches and communities.

Scholarships are available for this course, please email us at [email protected] for more information.