Activism and Spirituality: Making the Links

February 22, 2013 - February 24, 2013
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Fort Qu'Appelle SK





Friday, February 22 (6 pm supper) to Sunday, February 24 (1 pm)

In order to align our activism with our spiritual deepening:

“You have to do the difficult work of getting tossed back and forth

between the quiet, spacious world and the active, lively world

 until it doesn’t feel like you’re being tossed anymore,

 until you find something underneath that contains

both the stillness and the activity,

no matter what the circumstance.“

– Joan Sutherland, Buddhadharma, Spring 2012

This activity-oriented weekend retreat will draw on insights derived from the Zen tradition and the use of the Enneagram, while drawing on the human development methodologies of “social therapy”.  Games, improv and group-constructed plays will be used along the way to help open creative spaces in how we relate and act together and help us make the links between activism and spirituality.

Facilitator: Jim Harding is a long-time adult educator and community activist. He has been active in peace, human rights and ecological campaigns his whole adult life. He is a retired professor of psychology and environmental and justice studies. He has recently authored a new book, Activism and Spirituality: a Personal Inquiry, where he explores the role of various non-dualist practices in his personal struggle to better integrate his activism and spiritual development.

Investment in Life: $275

Decision Day:  Feb 11

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