A Planet Called Sanctus with Logan McMenamie

June 17, 2012 - June 22, 2012
Offered by Sorrento Centre

A Planet Called Sanctus

with Logan McMenamie

Sunday, June 17 – Friday, June 22, 2012

“O my God, look at that picture over there. It’s the Earth coming up Wow!”

Those are the exact words of Frank Borman, Captain of the Apollo 8 lunar mission. It was December 28th 1968. A crew member, Frank Anders, groped for the Hasselblad camera in the module, pointed it at the blue white and green diamond shining against the black backdrop of space, and took what has been called the most ecologically significant image ever captured.

We call it Earthrise. We need to retain the wonder of that moment, drawing upon it to make us carers and lovers of the incredible gift God has given us – Earth, our fragile and beautiful island home. This week we explore what that might mean for us. How do we care for the whole of Creation and preserve its praise?

How do we as Christians rediscover for ourselves a spirituality which restores the harmony we yearn for with God, Creation, and one another? Come join us for a Celtic-inspired exploration of life in Creation.

LOGAN McMENAMIE is the Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria, British Columbia, and has served a number of parishes on Vancouver Island, from Tofino to Victoria. He is originally from Scotland and has been shaped and formed by Celtic Christianity in his personal experience. Last summer he led a pilgrimage to Iona and other Celtic sites in Scotland and England.

Course Fee: $250

Senior’s discount of 10% off accommodation for this week for anyone age 55 or older.

Sponsored by Sorrento Centre

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