A Christian Spirituality for the 21st Century

October 16, 2012 - October 18, 2012


Oct 16-18, 2012

Tues 6:30 dinner thru Thurs lunch

Cost $345

Our starting point will be contemporary data
about our universe and the observable patterns
of operation throughout the universe. We will use
this starting point to consider, in a new light, who
or what we mean by “God”, our relationship with
this Mystery, the nature of “revelation”, the person
and teaching of Jesus, what being “Christian”
is really about, and where prayer and liturgy fit in
with this contemporary perspective.

The program seeks to establish solid ground on
which to base our spirituality as we are inevitably
led to question and perhaps to discard notions
and practices that no longer sustain adult faith.

Michael has 40 years experience in retreat and
adult faith development ministries. He is well
known in progressive Christian circles for his
articulation of Christian thought and imagination
in line with contemporary cosmology. He is one
of the featured speakers in the www.evolutionarychristianity.
com series bringing scientific and
religious thought together. His books include:
From Sand to Solid Ground. Questions of Faith for
Modern Christians; Praying a New Story; and Children
Praying a New Story. A Resource for Parents,
Grandparents and Teachers. Michael’s latest book
is Faith, Hope and Bird Called George. A Spiritual
Fable. Read about it at www.morwood.org

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