2-Day Introduction to Anglican Way of Theology

June 8, 2020 - June 9, 2020
Cost: $100 (includes lunches)

The Rev. Joseph Lawrence | June 8 & 9 | $100

Many of the abiding features of Anglicanism–such as its early embrace of a Reformation soteriology, its emphasis on beauty and order in worship, its strongly historical and ecclesial imagination, and its insistence on corporately discerning Holy Scripture as God’s Word–all of these features were well established in the early years of Anglican history. Therefore, the student who attends the first two days of The Anglican Way of Theology this June will receive a great deal of the substance of the course, because they will encounter figures like Thomas Cranmer, John Jewel, Richard Hooker, John Donne, George Herbert and Lancelot Andrewes, who effectively set the agenda for later Anglican theological reflection and articulated well these abiding features of Anglicanism. This student, even after two days, should emerge with a clearer view of what the Anglican way of theology is.

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