Reimagining Church (formerly Mission 101)

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

John P. Bowen Are you frustrated by the decline in church attendance and ministry participation at your parish? Perhaps you’re hearing the buzz around terms like missional church, discipleship and fresh expressions, but are baffled about what those mean or how they might relate to your own parish. Maybe you haven’t heard of missional church …
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New Leaf Design Shop for Church Planting

New Leaf Network

VISION We’re passionate about helping men and women start Jesus-centered communities of faith. For the past 10 years, we’ve had the honouring of equipping planters to join God’s mission in the renewal of all things, inviting others into compelling environments of shared life, radical discipleship and courageous mission. The New Leaf Design Shop has been …
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Missional Preaching

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

The Right Reverend Susan J. A. Bell How do we connect God’s mission, and therefore the mission of the church, with the culture in which we live and speak in ways that help people make sense of their lives and their purpose through the lens of the Gospel? How can our words as preachers help …
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Transformational Coaching

New Leaf Network

What is Transformational Coaching? Lead From Transformation in partnership with New Leaf Network invites you to explore Transformational Coaching. Transformational Coaching is a 9-week online experience that equips you with coaching skills and practices while giving you transformational tools so you can better coach and lead from your own transformation. Transformational Coaching started in 2016 …
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Luke: A Journey With Jesus (Online)

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

The Gospel of Luke is a rich, inviting, and expansive description of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. This course is an overview of some major themes of the Gospel of Luke as well as a close look at the distinctive ways in which Luke understands Jesus. Topics include Luke’s depiction of Jesus …
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Christian Foundations: From Abraham to Jesus

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

Patrick Paulsen Many people are familiar with the concept of an overarching narrative (storyline) when looking at the history of our faith: from the Old Testament, through to the New and on into the history of the church, we can see God at work. However, when people think of, say, the Old Testament, disconnected images …
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Stewardship: A Faithful Response to God’s Mission

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

Gillian Doucet Campbell Stewardship is our faithful response to the mission of God. We can join in God’s mission with confidence and hope as stewards of God’s abundant gifts and invite others into that stewardship. What is God calling us to as individuals, as a parish, and as a diocese? We know there is a …
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Silent Virtually-Directed In-Home Retreat

Sisterhood of St. John the Divine (The) (SSJD)

After many months of social distancing, people might wonder what they could receive from engaging in an in-home silent retreat. But an intentional “date” to be together with God in seclusion and silence is different from COVID aloneness. god is always with and within us, beckoning, inviting. It is through an interlude of chosen silecne …
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Lire La Bible – Le Nouveau Testament: Jésus renouvelle le lien avec Dieu (en ligne)

Montreal Diocesan Theological College

Le Nouveau Testament regroupe les textes parlant de Jésus, le Christ. Différents auteurs témoignent de la vie, des paroles et actes de Jésus, ainsi que de leurs expériences de sa mort et de sa résurrection. Le Nouveau Testament constitue la source de la foi chrétienne et inspire les croyantes et croyants depuis deux millénaires à …
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Discernment Pathway

New Leaf Network

Our Discernment Pathway process is holistic, communal and practice oriented. It’s a safe and resource rich environment to ask questions, learn and work out in community how God might be directing you. What to expect? Bi-weeky online learning cohort – we’ll create a community of practice as we discern together Curated experiences, spiritual practices, resources …
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