Yearning for Wholeness: Finding our Path in a Divided World 2012

August 10, 2012 - August 12, 2012

Yearning for Wholeness: Finding our Path in a Divided World 2012

Aug 10 – Aug 12, 2012

Fri 7:00 PM – Sun 1:00 PM


This workshop will support your inner work – so you can do your outer work from a place of groundness and wholeness.

The human quest for wholeness is an integral part of the spiritual journey. In the face of our increasingly divided world, this can be challenging. For those of us who work to overcome dividedness within communities we see there is a need, more than ever before, to find ways to come to a state of wholeness both within ourselves and within the communities we are working with. In Nova Scotia, there are many sites of dividedness – particularly around the rural/city divide. Issues of how we welcome migrants and newcomers as well as issues of race and class are very present.

At this retreat, we will explore how we can hold the tension between polarities (i.e. being vs doing) within ourselves in order to experience wholeness. We will also see how coming from a place of personal wholeness can renew and refresh our work in the world. We will also start to see how we can use some of what we are learning about polarities within ourselves and apply it to our work in the world.

What will the retreat encompass? We will explore the world of polarities and wholeness through group activities/discussions, gentle physical exercises (using conscious embodiment), simple meditation and creative activities. There will be time for silent contemplation. This retreat is for all seekers of wholeness – beginners and those further down the path. It will be of particular interest to those who are working within communities – as volunteers, employees or as community activists – to work with people across divisions.

Goals/Aim of the Retreat:

• Enabling participants to understand the polarities within themselves that they might be struggling with

• Helping participants find new ways to overcome divisions or places of stuckness within themselves.

• Working with participants to help them discover new ways to view and work with divisions in their outer lives (i.e. family, workplace, community)

• Introduce personal practices (i.e. meditation, conscious embodiment) which can enable participants to be able to ‘recover to centre’ even when things in the world seem stormy.

Program Cost $355 ($195 tuition+$160 meals/accommodations)

Please register at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your spot in this program.


Beth Follini

Beth Follini’s passion for polarities comes from a long held commitment to working around diversity and difference – she has engaged on a personal level with holding the tension between opposites. This includes being engaged with conflict resolution work in Israel and Palestine. As a Quaker, she has long been committed to ‘holding the paradox’ of human nature and integrates polarity work along with the co-active model in coaching. She is currently training with Wendy Palmer to become an accredited Conscious Embodiment Teacher as she believes that this somatic approach allows people to experience what it is like to hold polarities in a deep and meaningful way.

Beth Follini has run her own coaching and consulting business for the past five years. Prior to this, she managed a range of not-for-profit organisations and projects. From 2003 to 2005 she was the CEO of the Women’s Resource Centre – a pan-London organisation working to give women a voice in public policy. From 2000 to 2003, she was Project Director Luton Lives Active Citizens Project – one of five pilot projects given seed funding by the UK government to explore innovative ways of for her work coaching women who are trying to decide whether to have children or not.

Beth has delivered polarity and wholeness workshops in Norway, Italy, UK and Canada (Nova Scotia). She is currently working on a book outlining her approach to this work as well as a CD with her guided meditations. For more information about Beth’s work go to

Tessa Mendel

Tessa Mendel, Program Resource Group (PRG) facilitator. Tessa is a theatre director, educator, and popular theatre facilitator, with a passion for using the creative arts for transformational learning.

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