Working With Open Space Technology 2012

April 26, 2012 - April 28, 2012

Working With Open Space Technology 2012

Apr 26 – Apr 28, 2012

Thu 10:00 AM – Sat 4:00 PM


Open Space Technology (OST) is increasingly being used to mobilize groups and organizations to discover creative solutions to their challenges. Many, including those who attended Maritime Conference Annual General Meeting, 2011, are already familiar with the power of this approach.

OST helps you access the existing wisdom and potential which already surrounds you in your own church, community, or organization. Complex times demand leadership that engages and mobilizes those facing the challenges to thrive in a changing world. Open Space Technology is one way to do that.

This workshop will benefit you if you are a formal or informal leader, facilitator, or interested in community development in church and community groups, businesses or government agencies.

Join us for this 3 day experiential workshop to learn how to:

•Facilitate meetings using Open Space Technology. This is an effective tool when there is an important issue to be addressed, a diversity of people involved, complexity and when decisions need to be made quickly.

•Apply a holistic approach to achieve maximum benefit from the meetings.

•Prepare yourself as a facilitator to be in genuine contact with yourself, and to use practical and simple “how to” skills, tools and knowledge.

This workshop is being customized to meet the needs of church congregations or presbyteries but will be of interest to anyone who wishes to engage others in making a difference in their organizations or communities. We encourage you to consider attending as a team to support each other in learning and applying the training to the needs you are facing.

Part 1

Three days that include experiencing an OST meeting, unpacking the essence and form, making genuine contact with self as a facilitator and working with the sponsor before and after the OST meeting to maximize results. There is space within the workshop for active experimentation and deeper discussion based on learning needs.

Facilitator Practicum

Participants will be encouraged to facilitate an OST meeting soon after the training and will have access to coaching from the workshop facilitators and mentoring from other participants to do so.

Part 2

A 3-hour online follow-up session on June 21, 2012 from 9 am til noon to provide an opportunity to share learning, explore questions that arise and discuss future possibilities for application of Open Space Technology.

The workshop includes a workbook to support ongoing learning. All participants have access to support and mentorship following the training through the international network of Genuine Contact™ professionals.

As follow up to their work with the Maritime Conference of the United Church, Courage Group is pleased to partner with Tatamagouche Centre in offering this program for a special reduced fee.

Program Cost: $595 ($418 tuition + $177 meal/accommodations)

$395 Special reduced rate for churches and non-profits


Donna Clark

Donna Clark, BBA, CMC, Leadership Partner Courage Group International, brings over 30 years of experience in leadership and consulting to organizations across Canada. She has worked as an executive in the federal government and has worked with clients from all three levels of government, international executives, unions, non-profit organizations and the private sector. Donna is a member of the Port Wallis United Church in Dartmouth, NS.

Michelle Cooper

Michelle Cooper, RN, MScN, Leadership Partner Courage Group International has had more than 20 years progressive leadership experience in health care organizations and in partnership with clients in large and small non-profit and for-profit organizations. She is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University School of Nursing, Hamilton, Ontario.

Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter, PRG.

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