Wisdom School: The Ongoing Quest Into the Ground of Being

August 15, 2016 - August 20, 2016
Collegeville MN


Monday, August 15 — Saturday, August 20
Led by Bussho Lahn, Diane Millis, and Ward Bauman

Building upon last year’s Wisdom School, we will continue to develop our inner authority or “sovereignty,” as stated in The Gospel of Thomas. This preeminent spiritual work is at the core of human development. This wisdom school is considered more advanced work, where the student, not the instructor, is the primary focus. Here our instructors will work as guides in order to help each participant work with his or her own inner teacher. Although this retreat expands on ideas from last year’s Wisdom School, it is a stand-alone retreat and is open to all participants.

“When you give birth to that which is within yourself, what you bring forth will save you.” (Thomas #70) All instructions will be geared to this endeavor, as we seek to discover those practices that can increase our awareness of our inner treasure. Students will leave with a stronger sense of their own inner domain and its resources.

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