WCC Ecumenical Institute invites papers for conference on ’Teaching Ecumenism’

January 20, 2020 - January 21, 2020
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With deadline 20 January 2020, the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Institute at Château de Bossey invites papers for an international conference on ’Teaching Ecumenism in the Context of World Christianity’.


The conference, held from 10-13 June 2020, will focus on what it means to teach ecumenism and World Christianity in the twenty-first century, looking to bring together senior and as well emerging scholars of diverse disciplines within the field of theology and religious studies who have an interest in ecumenism and World Christianity.

“Ecumenism embodies the search for reconciliation and unity, the emancipation from oppression and the collaborative work for justice and peace,” explains Fr Prof. Dr Lawrence Iwuamadi, academic dean at the Ecumenical Institute.

Prof. Dr Simone Sinn, who coordinates the conference, adds that “Examining the changing roles of religion in fostering identity at the intersection of faith, politics and culture, not least from diaspora churches’ perspectives, is an important field. Focus on mission as well as on interreligious dialogue have become integral, and often indispensable, to the study of world Christianity”.

Therefore, we ask ourselves, ‘how do we articulate the interrelationship of these dynamics in world Christianity with classic questions of ecclesiology in ecumenical dialogues? What are the fundamental methodological, epistemological and theological issues that cannot be ignored in teaching ecumenism and world Christianity?

A call for papers has been issued, welcoming contributions on a range of topics related to Ecumenism and World Christianity, including:

  • Ecumenism and World Christianity – entangled visions
  • Didactics and methodologies of teaching ecumenism today
  • Teaching theology ecumenically
  • The mission of the church in the context of World Christianity
  • Ecumenism, World Christianity and interreligious dialogue

“Our hope is that speakers from a broad range of different church traditions and regional contexts will engage on the topic together,” Iwuamadi says.

Learn more about the conference ’Teaching Ecumenism in the Context of World Christianity’

Call for papers flyer (pdf)

Conference flyer, Teaching Ecumenism in the Context of World Christianity (pdf)

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