Think prayer is kneeling with a bowed head? Certainly it is, but drawing, beading, and making collages can also be ways to pray. As Catherine of Siena taught, everything we do can be a prayer, and this e-course introduces ways of refreshing — or renewing — your prayer life by exploring creative spiritual practices from around the world.

First offered in 2012, this e-course looks at practices common to many religions, as well as some that are distinctive to the faith traditions from which they originate. Cross-culturally, prayer is a way of setting a sacred intention, and through these sessions, you will experience how this is done in different places. By viewing prayer practice more expansively, our spiritual lives can be enriched.

“Ways to Pray from Around the World” is being offered by Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon, author of several interfaith/interspiritual books, including Prayers for Healing, Prayers for Hope and Comfort, and Crafting Calm, as well as the guidebook The Way We Pray, on which this e-course is based. For almost 20 years, she has explored cross-cultural forms of prayer and spiritual practice through her work as an interfaith and now Unity minister, spiritual director, workshop and retreat leader, author, and weekly radio-show host.

Lessons delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays via email explore 12 different creative prayer forms, delving into their history, practice, and ways to incorporate them into your spiritual life. Among the practices are altars, despachos, God boxes, mandalas, prayer flags, and treasure maps, giving you a wide spectrum of possibilities to explore. You will also have access to the online Practice Circle, available 24/7, for sharing your experiences with the prayer forms and your reflections on them, being inspired by others, and receiving guidance from Maggie. You can also upload photographs of any projects you do around these diverse ways to pray.

We invite you to embark upon this unique journey through prayer practices from around the world. No prior creative experience is required. All you need is a heart that loves beauty and longs to express its devotion to the Divine.

(4 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

Monday, April 4 – Friday, April 29


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