Walking Awake: Harvesting the Messages from Nature

August 2, 2019 - August 4, 2019
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August 2, 2019 6:30 PM until August 4, 2019
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If you love trees, stones and being in Nature, this retreat is for you!

It’s summer time on the mountain and Nature is in full bloom and yet, August 1st marks the Celtic observance of Lughnasadh, a celebration of the year’s first harvest. Nature’s gifts abound…can you see them? Nature is communicating with us all the time…are you present enough to receive the messages? Are you ‘walking awake’?

Join Denise Crawn of Walking Awake, LLC for a weekend retreat experiencing ways to connect more deeply to the natural world that surrounds us and exploring how to harvest the gifts available to us through our relationship with Nature.

With a focus on Nature and a touch of Celtic Spirituality this weekend on the mountain will provide a balanced blend of group gatherings, guided walks and meditations, rituals and activities, story, poetry, and song.  In addition, there will be plenty of opportunity for individual free time to rest or to explore the many wooded trails at Kirkridge and neighboring Columcille Megalith Park with its over 90 Standing Stones.

On Saturday, August 3rd, there will also be the option of attending Columcille’s Lughnasadh Celebration.

Be sure to bring your camera, journal, sketch pad, drum, rattle, and of course, your love of Nature!

Denise Crawn is a former Kirkridge employee, Columcille Board Member and resident of the mountain now residing in Scotland with her husband, Nick Prance. Owner of Walking Awake, LLC, Denise is an ordained Interfaith Minister, author of “Walking Awake: The Faces In Nature”, and creator of several inspirational card decks. Denise’s ministry and love of nature is expressed through her photography, book, cards and events which focus on becoming more aware, mindful and awake through our innate connection with Nature and our relationship with the Divine in, and around us. Since her discovery of Columcille in 1996 which inspired her first visit to Iona, Scotland in 2003, she has enjoyed visiting and exploring sacred sites in the UK and delving deeper into Celtic myth and history. Find out more about Denise and Walking Awake, LLC at www.walkingawake.com

(Pictured Above: Denise in the Strontian Forest, Ardnamurchan, Scotland)

Cost $425 includes double occupancy room, board and tuition

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