Vancouver School of Theology Summer School 2017 (Part Two)

July 6, 2017 - July 14, 2017

Vancouver School of Theology Summer School



July 6-14, 2017

Summer in the City? Have you considered enrolling for one of VST’s learning opportunities in July? Vancouver School of Theology on the UBC campus is a stellar setting to spend some time at while participating in one (or more!) of our fascinating courses. Consider spending a week or two with us this summer – we’d love to see you here!



The Art of Holy Listening:
Contemplation and Accompaniment
with Lois Huey Heck, Dawn Kilarski, Tim Scorer, and Barry Vall
These three days of retreat will give attention to the dynamic process of coming alongside another in the context of entering into and learning about Holy Listening,  the call into being a listening presence, which is the very heart and soul of  spiritual companioning.



Sacred Dying: Pastoral Care, End of Life,
and the 21st Century


with Megory Anderson


This course offers an overview of the current medical landscape, skills needed for those who accompany people at end of life, and practical models for pastoral care of the  dying. It is designed to meet needs of faith communities and is intended for clergy  and laity alike.



The Unfolding of Christian Community
in the 21st Century


with Beth-Ann Estock


How often have we heard, “Where are all the young people? Why aren’t they in our church?” This class will explore cultural shifts impacting ministry in the 21st century, and look at innovative examples of faith communities. The course will also discern practices  to develop experiments in reaching folks who are spiritual but not religious.




New Christian Reformers and the Jews


with Peter Ochs


A Jewish philosopher teaches about a collection of contemporary Christian theologians (Lindbeck, Hauerwas and 5 more) who renew and refine Reformation teachings  in surprising ways, affirming both robust theology and engagement with  inter-religious conversations.





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