Vancouver School of Theology Summer School 2017 (Part One)

July 3, 2017 - July 7, 2017



Vancouver School of Theology Summer School



July 3-7, 2017

Summer in the City? Have you considered enrolling for one of VST’s learning opportunities in July? Vancouver School of Theology on the UBC campus is a stellar setting to spend some time at while participating in one (or more!) of our fascinating courses. Consider spending a week or two with us this summer – we’d love to see you here!


Governmental Oppression and Ecclesial Resistance
 with Martin Rumscheidt
The resistance deeply rooted in Christian discipleship that characterized the church struggles in wartime Germany and Apartheid South Africa will be discussed and serve as ways of illustrating “theology in opposition to politics” in other contexts.


“…with Christian mantras and a great sense of destiny…” Thomas Merton’s Travels in Eastern Religions


with Bonnie Thurston

After introducting Merton’s life and thought, participants will survey the chronology and extent of his interest in Eastern religions. Focusing on Buddhism, this course will explore what Merton did and did not know about its traditions and how it influenced his aesthetics, his prayer practice, and his poetry.




Re-imagining Ministry with Children and Youth


with David Csinos


This course will explore the spirituality, theology, and practices surrounding holistic faith formation with children and youth. In particular, this course will help participants re-imagine children’s and youth ministry by exploring fresh perspectives and sharing innovative ideas.




Going Deeper / Reaching Wider


with Anthony Robinson


Which is it, going deeper in the great treasure house of Christian faith, theology and practices or reaching wider into an increasingly diverse and pluralistic world? How about both? Students will explore specific strategies that help and challenge congregations to Go Deeper and Reach Wider.





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