Value-Based Leadership Model for Non-Profits 2015

October 16, 2015 - October 17, 2015
Tatamagouche NS


Oct 16 – Oct 17, 2015 Fri 4:00 PM – Sat 4:00 PM $285.00

How do we align the way we’re working with our mission and values?
How can non-profits build non-traditional structures and avoid corporate-style models?
Join Maggy Burns, Co-Director of Atlantic Canada’s largest Environmental NGO and Ishbel Munro, member of the Executive Leadership Team of the Tatamagouche Centre as we discuss and explore how organizations can restructure and live out their values. We’ll focus on relationships (how do we work with others, how do we manage our teams, how do we create space for healthy conflict or dissent) and structures (do we need a single Executive Director or can we have co-directors or a leadership teams, what are some other leadership structures and how have they worked, how do Boards fit or not fit with our values)

Workshop content:

  • Aligning your structure with your values
  • Leadership models
  • Shared leadership, collaborative practices, holacracy, collective impact, co-directors or leadership teams
  • Story telling (models we’ve tried, HR ideas that have worked, etc.)
  • Explore and problem solve where the disconnects are between your vision of society and your organization

Program Cost: $285 (tuition, meals & accommodation)
Local Price: $245 (without overnight)

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Maggy Burns

Maggie Burns

Maggy Burns is the Managing Director of the Ecology Action Centre – Atlantic Canada’s largest environmental organization thanks to the participation of a 4,000-strong membership. Maggy has worked and volunteered in non-profits and social enterprises for over 20 years including in the areas of community economic development, international development, entrepreneurship support and youth leadership. In 2012 Maggy was part of the team that helped launch the Community Sector Council of NS to support and strengthen non-profits in the province. At the Ecology Action Centre Maggy is part of a three-director leadership team and during her 10+ year involvement at EAC a central theme of her work has been to help ensure that the organization succeeds in living its values and provides a healthy, fun and productive environment for staff and volunteers. Maggy also owns a tiny social enterprise called Re-cover Journals.

Ishbel Munro

Ishbel Munro

Ishbel Munro, Program Resource Group (PRG) facilitator, has been involved in community development work for over 35 years. She has worked with First Nations, fishermen, women, local development groups and youth, amongst others. Her approach is collaborative – building people’s strengths, self-reliance and hope supporting the development of their own leadership. For 15 years, she was Executive Director of Coastal Communities Network (CCN), a province wide grassroots, non-profit that works to ensure the future of Nova Scotia’s rural and coastal communities. Ishbel is currently the Program Director at  Tatamagouche Centre and a member of the Staff Leadership Team that is working to change the Centre from a hierarchal management structure to a collaborative team model.

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