Ubuntu: I in You and You in Me: Practising God’s Compassion

July 7, 2024 - July 13, 2024
Sunday - Saturday July 07 - 13, 2024
Offered by Sorrento Centre
$325 for program and activities. Accomodation costs are extra, and range from the lodge to a cabana to camping, each with different prices.

“Ubuntu” is an African proverb: I am because we are; and because we are, I am.  This way of seeing human identity invites us to deepen our awareness of what it means to be created and to be human.

Ubuntu teaches us that we are different so that we can know our need of one another, for no one is ultimately self-sufficient.

Drawing on the wisdom and practice of Christian spirituality as illuminated by this African concept of being interrelated The Very Rev. Michael Battle, Ph.D., an expert in reconciliation, peace, and justice theology will guide you on a retreat that invites us all to better practice compassion for the sake of being human.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu helps to explain as he states, “God has set in motion a centripetal process, a moving toward the center . . . thrown out to clasp all, everyone and everything, in a cosmic embrace, so that all, everyone and everything, belongs.”

Ubuntu invites such compassion.  Our task in retreat is to receive it.