Transforming Conflict

1-day workshop, Friday, February 15, 2019

Conflict in churches can be debilitating and destructive, weakening the witness and mission of Christian communities. This interactive workshop invites participants to consider what leads to conflict and also learn more about factors that assist conflict resolution and transformation. Drawing on conversation, exercises, and practical tools and skills, the workshop will help those involved in ministry address conflict in healthy and productive ways. The workshop sessions will be oriented toward a deep knowledge of what makes a congregation healthy, leadership in conflictual settings, and how to teach and embody a spirit of positive regard and respect that is rooted in prayerful presence and a desire to seek the deeper wisdom emerging in conversation. This workshop is open to all people in churches who encounter conflict and are seeking Christ-centred ways to transform their congregations and grow in grace.

About the instructor:

Marg Van Herk-Paradis is Vice President of Services and a Senior Conflict Management Consultant, with Credence and Company.

Cost: $65 | $45 (youth) + $15 lunch