Touching the Earth, Giving a Gift

August 12, 2012 - August 16, 2012
Offered by Pendle Hill
Wallingford PA

During this gently paced retreat, we will use simple yoga, stretching, breathing, and meditation to open ourselves to the Spirit before each session. As we each form an intention to create a simple bowl to give to someone who has been a gift in our life, we will dig our own clay from the Pendle Hill grounds and prepare it for working. We will share stories about the people for whom we are making our gifts as we shape, glaze, and fire the bowls. Finally, we will celebrate our process and our creations.

$550/shared room; $660/private room; $405/commuter
Materials fee included

A ceramicist for more than 25 years, Bob Deane grew up near Pendle Hill and knows its grounds well. A ceramics arts teacher at the adjacent Wallingford Community Arts Center, he was live-in caretaker there from 1991 through 2004. Bob also teaches classes at the Mainline Arts Center and the Wayne Arts Center.
Kim Deane is a student of yoga, meditation, and Buddhism with Scott McBride. She teaches yoga at the Wallingford Community Arts Center.

August 12 – 16, 2012


based on accommodations choice

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