Thin Places: Openings to the Sacred–Retreat

October 30, 2021 - October 30, 2021
Saturday, October 30; 10am to 4pm Via Zoom

There are times in our lives when the veil seems to lift and we know the holy oneness of heaven and Earth. In these thin places, we become lost in wonder and held in Love. The Holy Isle of Iona, Scotland is often referred to as such a place, and on this day we will draw on the Celtic understanding of this blessing. As we join together in a flow of sharing, silence, prayer and practice, we will hold the intentions to be open to the movement of the Spirit, to see more clearly with the eyes of the heart, and to live into the thin holy spaces all around and within us.

While these threshold times challenge us daily, we can be assured that thin places are available as portals for spiritual deepening and expansive hope. We hope that you will join us to reflect on thin places that have enriched your life and to explore those available to us in art, poetry, the living world, and the spiritual heart of our very being.

Leaders: Leah Rampy and Carole Crumley

Registration deadline: October 28 at 5pm