The Other Side of Chaos

May 22, 2015 - May 24, 2015
Toronto ON


Guided Retreat: May 22–24, 2015

We are living through ‘interesting’ times of enormous change and transition. Global changes affect our future as a human family on this planet, as well as our personal lives and choices.

The pattern of breakdown followed by breakthrough runs through the whole of life, and through the heart of our Christian story, and chaos can be the source of new creation. How can we begin to engage with this dynamic in an authentic spirituality of transition?

Led by Margaret Silf, who was born and raised in Sheffield, England, and describes herself as “an ecumenical Christian committed to working across and beyond the denominational boundaries.”

Although a Christian since her teens, she experienced a genuine return to God in her mid-30s, aided by a Jesuit. Today she calls herself a “boundary dweller” no longer belonging to a particular Christian denomination — more at home outside the institutional church than within.

She is a prolific author and retreat conductor. Her books include

  • Inner Compass, Sacred Spaces: Stations on a Celtic Way
  • The Other Side of Chaos
  • Just Call Me Lopez
  • Simple Faith

  • Arrivals and registration: 2-4 pm Friday; ends: 1:30 pm Sunday.
  • Fee: $250; deposit: $50.
  • Registration: see here »
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