The Lovingly Fierce Nature of the Divine Mother

December 14, 2018 - December 16, 2018
West Park, NY

The Lovingly Fierce Nature of the Divine Mother

Led By: Meghan Don

Fee: $300; Deposit $100

December 14 – December 16, 2018

Our world is living in and through times of deep chaos, affecting our souls, our bodies, our earth. What can we do to navigate these times? What do we do with the anguish of our broken hearts? How do we maintain our spiritual stamina in the face of what seems to be now constant tragedy?

In this retreat we will be introduced to the Divine Mother through her fierce transforming nature. We will directly experience this Mother’s transformative power through giving her our heart pain and receiving the gift of peace and equanimity in return. We will feel our fear being transformed into strength, and we will learn of both her tenderness and fierceness as Protector of her children on earth. In turn our own loving tenderness and fierceness will come alive, equipping us for the times we are now living in, and for the times to come.

When we enter into the field of this Mother’s transformative power we will naturally be able to stand up, not only for our own lives and souls, but also for those around us who are living in great injustice. This Mother teaches us about true justice and guardianship, and how to enter into our liberated heart, not being weighed down by our fears or hopelessness, but being able to transform these into a power for the good of all.

This is a deeply experiential retreat, entering into spiritual dialogue, meditation, ancient feminine chant and sacred dance. Please bring a journal and dress comfortably.

Meghan Don is an award-winning author, spiritual mentor, and retreat presenter. She has worked extensively with the Christian mystics, the Hebraic and Kabbalistic teachings, and Jungian psychology. She has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, Unity and New Thought Churches, and Episcopal and Methodist Churches. She has led many sacred pilgrimages to Europe, and is the author of Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey into the Sacred, which won the Ashton Wylie/New Zealand Book Council Award for Best Book and Author in 2006. She has also authored Sacred Companions Sacred Community: Reflections with Clare of Assisi, and her newly released book, The New Divine Feminine: Spiritual Evolution for a Woman’s Soul.


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