The Holy Land, The Holy People

October 20, 2015 - October 30, 2015

A Gold Select Journey

The Holy Land, The Holy People

20 -30 October 2015
$3,565 From Gateway City

3 Day Elective
The Wonders of Jordan

Returning 3 November 2015

A Contemporary Studies pilgrimage in Israel and the West Bank

Sponsored by
Clay Church
The Rev. Brian Durand

This pilgrimage will acquaint participants with the geographical and cultural settings of the New Testament and relate historical studies to contemporary dynamics in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The pilgrimage will include morning and evening fora on historical and contemporary themes and visits with indigenous people. This pilgrimage is designed to introduce particpants to the state of the art of biblical studies in the Holy Land. The learning process will be contextual and experiential. We will endeavor especially to examine the moral dimensions of biblical learning and teaching. We are particularly interested in understanding how biblical studies and the biblical faith relates to the context of the Holy Land.

Categories: Biblical Studies  |  Culture/Theology  |  Pilgrimage