The Heart of the Brain

February 12, 2016 - February 15, 2016

The Heart of the Brain

Workshop ID: G16H222Y
Dates: February 12, 2016February 15, 2016
Price: $248.00$495.00

Do you learn best through your own experience? Why is it that some things are easier for you to do than others? How do play, nature, music, and making art influence you in ways that nothing else can? The doctor encourages you to exercise, sleep, hydrate and ‘eat an apple a day’. That is for your body’s well-being, but now you will learn how vital these things are to your brain’s health and why.

What will you know and be able to do as a result of this workshop? Workshop participants will learn basic principles of the brain’s function and plasticity – how it learns, remembers, creates, and imagines in childhood and across life; the difference between good and bad stress; and new skills to keep it healthy, enhance memory, and support skill and talent.

This course is designed to be a series of experiences that will disrupt and dismantle old understanding about the brain (i.e., you are born with all of the brain cells you will ever have) and replace it with fresh emerging information and new insight (i.e., the brain ‘moonlights’ during sleep to help you form lasting memories and get rid of information you no longer need).

This combination of science lecture, art and craft, and an intentional exercise using images and prose will allow you to feel or see what ‘I mean’, not just hear what ‘I say’. This workshop promises a small but mighty transformation in how you understand your brain and yourself.

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Layne Kalbfleisch speaks from decades of experience as a researcher in her field with the skills of a college professor.

Links to media pieces on her work with individuals who are bright and have learning disability, ADHD, or autism spectrum disorder:

Layne’s class was the best I have ever taken. She structured it beautifully both to convey a lot of information and provide a nurturing atmosphere of openness. It was life-changing.

Layne is an excellent communicator and cares for those in attendance.