The Bible & Culture in the Brazilian Context

April 25, 2016 - May 4, 2016
A Platinum Select Journey

The Bible & Culture
in the
Brazilian Context

25 April – 4 May 2016
$3,969 From Gateway City

4 Day Elective The Amazon & the Rainforest
returns 8 May 2016


This program will acquaint travellers with Brazil’s rich annd diverse cultures and peoples. We will visit some of Brazil’s most impressive cultural sites and natural wonders including Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, Sugarloaf and the city of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil’s first capitol. Our objective is to introduce our travellers to Brazil’s natural beauty, while exploring Brazil’s imressive mix of cultures. We will become acquainted with the dominant Catholic religioius heritage, but also Brazil’s indigenous religions and the vibrant Protestant movements that are emerging as a powerful factor in Brazilian cultural life. We will become acquainted with Brazil’s ethnic diversity and the unique culture that emerged in Brazil as the result of the mixing of different European, African and indigenous cultures.
In addition, we will explore the use of the Bible not only in the processes of legitimating slavery and colonization, but also in the faith based movements to eliminate slavery, colonization and economic injustice.

The journey also features top shelf hotels in prime locations, such as Copacabana beach and Pelourinho.

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