Tending the Holy: Preparation for the Ministry of Spiritual Direction

January 1, 1970
St. PaulMN

Tending the Holy: Preparation for the Ministry of Spiritual Direction

A Two-Year Spiritual Direction Program

Along with the regular Thursday evening course held at Christos Center, this course is also offered for distance learners: Those choosing this option receive audio tapes of the lectures, as well as regular communication with the Christos staff and other class members.All distance learners are required to be a part of a local small group with the purpose of doing group spiritual direction and peer supervision.
Applicants for the distance learning option are required to have been in spiritual direction at least two years before applying to this program.
Thus far thirty people have either graduated or are currently enrolled in the distance learning program–from the following states and countries: Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Texas, and Iowa, Montana, and France.

Today’s Christians are searching for meaning and purpose in life. Some are asking questions about a deeper relationship with Christ. Others are searching for inner peace and are seeking to know God in the ordinary events of life. Still others want to nurture a deep love of God so they can be all God wants them to be.

There is a need for people with spiritual maturity and experience to guide others on this search. Do people seem naturally drawn to you with their spiritual questions? You may be called by God to offer this gift more formally.

Christos Center has been preparing Christian women and men for the ministry of spiritual direction since 1985. Many of these people are now doing spiritual direction and are leading retreats and prayer seminars. Others have used the knowledge to enhance their work as therapist, parish nurses, and clergy.

Patricia Hendricks, Program Coordinator
Christos Center For Spiritual Formation
[email protected]

Course Topics:
Year One:

Prayer and Discernment: Historical Perspective: Desert Mothers/Fathers, Spanish Mystics, Effects of the Reformation, Modern Influences.

Prayer and Discernment: Growing in Intimacy with God: Stages of Prayer, Praying with Scripture, Meditation, Centering Prayer, Solitude and Silence, The Contemplative life.

The Spiritual Direction Relationship: Prayer and Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Direction and Other Ministries, Relationship Between Director and Directee, Ethics, Directing Retreats.

Year Two:

Scripture and Theology: Using Scripture in Spiritual Direction, Theological Assumptions.

Discernment: Styles of Discernment, Noticing Interior Movements, Helping Directees Grow in Discernment.

Human and Spiritual Development: Midlife and Ageing, Stages of Faith, Gender Differences, Faith Development and Personality, Generation, Family, Faith Background, Grief and Loss.

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