Taking Counsel – Benedictine Day Program

May 6, 2017
Offered by Bethlehem Centre
Nanaimo BC

Taking Counsel – Benedictine Day Program

Sat May 6, 2017
8:45 am – 3:30 pm

Do you seek counsel when you have an important decision to make? When a decision affects your relationship with another?   St Benedict devotes a whole chapter of his Rule to seeking counsel because he understands the wisdom of doing so.

As often as anything important is to be done in the monastery, the abbot shall call the whole community together… (Ch3:1)

Mutual respect, humility, and attentive listening all factor into seeking counsel whether in the monastic setting or in any other relationship. Disagreements are natural, but Benedict says that as long as God’s will and the good of the other are sought, reconciliation of differences will be possible and relationships will have the potential to flourish.  If we think the input of others is not necessary in important decisions, we need to look carefully at our motivations for thinking this way.

Join us for a day of prayer and reflection as we delve more deeply into the wisdom of seeking counsel and explore what might be obstacles within ourselves from doing so.

Registration for this program is through the House of Bread Monastery.

If you would like to stay at the Bethlehem Centre overnight before or after the program, please call us to reserve at 250 754 3254.

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