Spiritual Direction Training Program

May 22, 2021 - February 25, 2023
Each 2.5 day intensive starts Thursday morning and concludes mid-day Saturday. The six on-site intensive are: May 20-22, 2021: Integrative Practices Part I (Online Zoom Event) Oct 14-16, 2021: The Practice of Spiritual Direction Part I Feb 17-19, 2022: Co-Creativity with God (Tentative: Birmingham, AL) May 19-21, 2022: Integrative Practices Part II Oct 13-15, 2022: The Practice of Spiritual Direction Part II Feb 23-25, 2023: Sacred Story (Birmingham, AL)
Tuition of $1900USD covers the intensive programs, mentoring, assignment feedback, and processing fees.

What: A two-year certification program for the formation of spiritual directors in the Christian tradition and for our time.

Who: Those who have discerned a sense of call to offer spiritual direction or spiritual companionship are invited to apply.

This program is open to laity and clergy.

When: 2021-2023 Cohort starts coursework in March 2021 with the first intensive May 2021 and  program completion in Feb 2023.

Where: Distance learning and 6 on-site intensives in various locations:

  • The Greater Huntsville, AL Area
  • The Greater Birmingham, AL Area
  • Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, AL
  • Potentially an East Tennessee Location in 2022
  • *** Online only for the duration of COVID-19 public health guidance ***

Spiritual Direction is a spiritual practice involving an intentional relationship for the purpose of cultivating greater depths of relationship with God, other people, all of creation, and the self.

The Holy Spirit is the Director.

The spiritual director offers attentiveness, holy listening, and guidance to another in order to strengthen and enliven the directee’s spiritual life, which enables:

  • Increased awareness of God’s presence
  • Greater responsiveness to God’s call
  • Transformation in intimacy with God
  • Growth in our risen life in Christ.

Two-Year Spiritual Direction Formation Program:

This two year certification program for the formation of Spiritual Directors in the Christian tradition and for our time includes six in-person intensives, evaluated assignments to facilitate distance learning, and regularly recurring peer group check-ins via Zoom, Skype, or similar.