Soul Care for Everyone (Spiritual Direction)

February 18, 2022 - December 31, 2025
Available on an ongoing basis.
There is no fee for Soul Care. If you wish, however, to make a donation to Restoring Connections to ensure our continued outreach to others, it would be gratefully accepted.

This is a confusing and disorienting time. This time away from others also provides us with more opportunity to pay attention to our inner life and to grow spiritually. Restoring Connections has a number of well-trained Soul Care providers (spiritual directors) who are willing to be available to you online or by phone .

Soul Care has a long tradition within Christianity and all the major religions. Its purpose is to deepen awareness of God’s presence and invitation in the midst of daily circumstances. Unlike many helping relationships, it’s not about “having a problem.” It’s about the desire to grow in inner freedom, to deepen one’s capacity to love, to draw closer to one’s true self and to the Divine. In addition to intensive training in soul care, our volunteer spiritual directors may also have a background in chaplaincy, ministry or counseling.

If you are interested in Soul Care—for a single session or more ongoing sessions—contact Vie Thorgren at [email protected].

Vie will help to pair you with a Soul Care provider that is best for you.