Softly, softly: contemplative ecology in our time of need

April 15, 2020 - April 17, 2020
We suggest a donation of $15/session for this retreat
1615 Route 9W
West ParkNY

Led By: Br. Aidan Owen, OHC
Please join us for our first ever retreat program offered over Zoom!

“The animacy of the world is something we already know, but the language of animacy teeters on extinction,” writes ecologist and spiritual writer Robin Wall Kimmerer. How do we learn to walk softly on the earth that sustains us? How do we begin, once again, to practice reverence for God’s first revelation: the creation? How do we learn the language of animacy once more?

As plague surrounds us, and the effects of unchecked capitalism ravage our planet and its people, we children of God have a responsibility and an opportunity to offer a different way of being. God is calling us to live softly, sweetly, and tenderly with the whole of creation and with one another. That is our hope and that is our challenge today.

Br. Aidan will engage these questions and will point toward a way forward, more intentionally linking our spirituality with our ecology than many of us are used to doing.

Please join him on Zoom for any or all of these three sessions, offered at 2pm Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, April 15-17. Each session will last about one hour. We’ll post the link here the week of the retreat.

We suggest a donation of $15/session for this retreat, which you can offer at Please put “contemplative ecology retreat” in the memo line of your donation. No one will be required to donate in order to join the sessions.