Society For The Advancement of Continuing Education for Ministry 2019 Conference

November 1, 2019 - November 3, 2019

Annual Conference 2019

REA Annual Meeting 2019

Coexistence in Divided Societies:
Pedagogies of the Sacred, of Difference, and of Hope

1–3 November 2019, Toronto, Ontario

ALLLM is pleased to partner with REA as a related learning organization, offering three workshops, a reception, the ALLLM Annual meeting and a time to gather as a working group to reflect on our common work.

 Call for Proposals

A growing chasm exists in democracies around the world today in which people of diverse religious and spiritual persuasions find it increasingly difficult to communicate across their differences in order to live together in a common civil society. These differences are often tied to political ideology, ethical orientation, moral proclivity, cultural identity, nationality, race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and more. Tensions between two trends in education for religious and spiritual affiliation, which are often conceived as more and less liberal, have contributed greatly to this chasm.

The theme of this year’s REA conference addresses varieties of religious and spiritual education that promote dialogue across these deep and apparently incommensurable divisions. Included among these educational approaches are ‘pedagogies of the sacred’ that initiate people into religious and spiritual traditions, from the inside, as it were, as well as ‘pedagogies of difference’ that teach from and about those traditions from the outside, so to say. Taken together they offer a pedagogy of hope that educates for peaceful coexistence across the chasm that currently plagues many democratic societies around the globe.

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