Social Landscape of the Bible

August 10, 2012 - August 23, 2012

K12 – Social Landscape of the Bible

10 August – 23 August, 2012

Course Description

A course of Study and Reflection

This Course has been developed to explore the social, political and religious milieu in which the biblical narrative took form. It studies the lives and culture of the peoples of the Bible in the light of research in the field of cultural anthropology as applied to biblical studies. At the same time, we make an effort to understand contemporary religious and social issues confronting those who live in the Holy Land today, and to hear the voices of the peoples and faiths of this land.

Social Landscape of the Bible includes a Wilderness Experience in one of the biblical deserts. Course members who have physical limitations may be offered alternative options, but should be advised that the Wilderness Experience is an important element of the Course.

The Course visits Galilee and places in Jerusalem associated with the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, with special focus on the social and religious milieu of his time. Lectures may include subjects like the Jewish and Hellenistic background of the New Testament, Politics and Religion, First Century Family Structures and Dynamics, Environmental Issues, Ideologies of Resistance and Survival, and the Social Impact of the Beatitudes. Academic reference material is provided to inform the experiential learning of field trips and group discussions.

Like all College courses, the Social Landscape of the Bible combines prayer with study. Corporate worship in the College Chapel is an integral part of every course. Eucharist at pilgrimage venues and evening prayer at the College are prepared and celebrated with the participation of Course members. The College is fully inclusive and ecumenical, and all are invited to participate in worship. In addition, weekday and Sunday Eucharist may be celebrated with Jerusalem’s Anglican community at St. George’s Cathedral nearby.

St. George’s College Jerusalem is committed adult education in a pilgrimage context, through academic excellence and experiential learning. Lectures at the College by qualified teaching staff are complemented by field excursions throughout the country. Attention to biblical material and to the teachings of Jesus does not distract us from the urgent social and religious issues of our own time. Most importantly, Course members will hear voices of Palestinians and Israelis as they struggle for justice and peace.

Social Landscape of the Bible is recommended both for first-time visitors and for those who are returning to this land to deepen their original experience. This course offers an excellent opportunity for an in-depth study of the Holy Land and its biblical and contemporary themes and issues, while experiencing the challenge and joy of pilgrimage in a community context.

Course Fees

USD $3050

Course Dates

Friday, 10 August – Thursday 23 August

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