Slow Faith – An Advent Retreat with John Privett

November 24, 2017 - November 26, 2017
Offered by Sorrento Centre

Friday, November 24 – Sunday, November 26, 2017

Slow Faith – An Advent Retreat with John Privett


TO RETREAT IS TO COME AWAY for a time to a quiet place where we can attend to our relationship with God and, in a busy world, find a safe space to rest in God.

Advent is a season of preparation for Christmas and for most of us it is a time of increased demands calling us to the malls, to the kitchen, to social events, and to many opportunities for reconnection with friends and family.

The word “advent” comes from the Latin adventus which means “coming”. Since at least the 12th Century it refers to the 3 comings of Christ – in our history, in our hearts each day, and in glory at the end of time.

In the midst of our busy lives Advent gives us an opportunity to slow down and to create a place where God in Christ can come to us, speaking to the deep and sometimes forgotten corners of our lives.

This retreat will help us in the process of slowing down and listening for the One who comes.


JOHN PRIVETT is the Bishop of the Diocese of Kootenay and Metropolitan (Senior Bishop) of the Ecclesiastical Province of BC and Yukon. A lifelong disciple of Jesus, he has been blessed to have those who have helped him learn from Jesus, primarily in formal studies and in the Ignatian pattern of prayer.

Course Fee: $315 includes retreat sessions and space, meals Friday dinner through Sunday dinner and accommodation.

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