Six Weeks of Summer 2014 – Week 6

August 4, 2014 - August 9, 2014
Offered by Sorrento Centre
Sorrento BC


The Six Weeks of Summer - Week 6SIX WEEKS OF SUMMER 2014 – WEEK 6
  • Land of God, Word of God with Richard LeSueur and Herbert O’Driscoll A virtual journey: explore places of spiritual significance in Israel with recent archaeology that opens fresh insights into our Lord’s ministry, forms the setting of our sacred story… while exploring the scriptures that link that place with our lives. Monday, August 4 – Saturday, August 9, 2014see here »
  • Welcoming the Child: Godly Play© as a Spiritual Practice and Tool of Renewal with Anne Clark and Marilyn Hames – Two Vancouver congregations practicing Godly Play with their children on Sundays have experienced surprising growth in their children’s ministries and a resurgence of family membership and participation. This introduction to Godly Play explores what transformation of the children’s ministry might mean to you and your entire congregation. Monday, August 4 – Saturday, August 9, 2014see here »
  • Sexuality and the Anglican Communion with Terry Brown – Take a broad look at marriage, divorce and diversity of sexualities across the Anglican Communion, bringing together issues of biblical interpretation, history, culture, personhood,… and political power from across the Anglican Communion… Participants will develop and articulate personal theologies of sexuality in light of all the discussion. Monday, August 4 – Saturday, August 9, 2014see here »
  • A Book of Hours: A contemplative art-making experience with Frances Bryant-Scott – During this art experience, we will each construct a small, simple, handmade book of paper and/or fabric. We will work with the Benedictine “Hours” as a focal point for each of our pages, prayerfully creating a piece of mixed-media art that can, in return, help us to focus our prayers after we leave the peaceful surroundings of Sorrento at the end of the week. Monday, August 4 – Saturday, August 9, 2014see here »
  • “Weeds on the Mountaintop”, Savouring Writing about the Sacred with Hannah Main-van der Kamp – What is holy and can it be written about? How to read well and write well about objects and events that are experiences of the sacred? We will read from traditional and contemporary writers whose works celebrate holy things without sermonizing or sentimentality… and discover ways of writing about the numinous…. Monday, August 4 – Saturday, August 9, 2014see here »
  • Worship and Music: Week Six with Natasha Brubaker Garrison and Danielle WahlMonday, August 4 – Saturday, August 9, 2014see here »
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