Simple Faith: A Retreat with Margaret Silf

November 23, 2012 - November 25, 2012
Offered by Sorrento Centre
Sorrento VOE 2WOBC


FRIday, November 23 – SUNday, November 25, 2012

Simple Faith


A Retreat with Margaret Silf

Margaret SilfWe are living through times of great upheaval when many of our imagined ‘certainties’ are crumbling. The question of faith is not immune to this disintegration, and for many people who would describe themselves as people of faith, there are more questions than answers.

The traditional approach of regarding faith as assent to a set of intellectual propositions or doctrines and an undertaking to comply with the strictures of a particular faith system is no longer working for many people who are nevertheless genuinely seeking to discover and nourish the spiritual bedrock of their lives.

So what does it mean to be a person of faith in today’s world? Is it, in the words of Alice on Wonderland, about ‘believing six impossible things before breakfast’? Or is it perhaps rather more about trusting that the mystery in whom we live and move and have our being means well with us and is striving to empower us to become the very best we can be, both individually and collectively?


Margaret Silf

Can ‘faith’ take us beyond ‘religion’, to a radical following of one who shows us what it means to be ‘a human being fully alive’? What does that following mean for us in our world today, both personally and globally? What questions does the challenge of faith bring up for us, and should we really be looking for answers?


During this retreat we will look at some of the big questions: who is ‘God’ for us, and who is Jesus? Where is our life centred, and does our life really have any meaning? How does faith reveal itself in action, and become transformative energy? How can we be in relationship with this mystery?

– Based on the book Simple Faith by Margaret Silf (Loyola Press, Chicago, 2011)

MARGARET SILF travels widely in her work as a retreat director and speaker on Ignatian spirituality. Her latest book, Just Call Me Lopez: Getting to the Heart of Ignatius Loyola, will be available in July 2012. Her other books include The Other Side of Chaos, Simple Faith, Compass Points, Inner Compass, Close to the Heart and Going on Retreat (Loyola Press) and The Gift of Prayer: Embracing the Sacred in the Everyday (Bluebridge). She lives in Scotland.

The retreat begins with supper on Friday, Nov 23 and ends with lunch on Sunday, Nov 25.
Cost is $300 inclusive based on shared occupancy.
Co-sponsored by Sorrento Centre and the Diocese of Kootenay
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