Silent Directed Retreat

March 24, 2020 - March 26, 2020
Fee $250; deposit $50. (Registration deadline: March 17, 2020) Limited enrollment—Residential retreatants only.
233 Cummer Avenue Toronto

Our God of love so desires to meet with you in the quiet of your heart.
Carve out time to come aside and be still, to let your soul settle into
the quiet of our Guest House, to be intimately present to yourself and to God.

A trained spiritual guide will meet with you twice during the silence and solitude of your retreat to help you listen for the movement of God in your prayer and life journey. Your spiritual guide can introduce you to ways of prayer and suggest scriptural or other prayer content; you are welcome to bring your contemplative crafts and journal.

We will meet as a group at 6:45 pm on Tuesday evening to open the
retreat and again at 3:30 pm on Thursday for a short closing prayer

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