Science, Spirituality, and Healing

September 28, 2012 - September 30, 2012


Sept 28-30, 2012

Fri 6:30 dinner thru Sun lunch

Cost $355

Many people attend weekends like this one,
called “Science, Spirituality, and Healing,”
because they would like time to slow down
and be present to the Sacred. Others long to
ponder the deeper realities of God by gathering
new information and discuss it with fellow
retreatants. Just about everyone wants
some time to move, meditate, breathe, and
reflect in common with other seekers. This
week end provides something for everyone,
since opportunities for all of the above will be

In creating this experience it became abundantly
clear that we could not move distinctly
from the first topic (science), to the second
(spirituality), and finally to the third (healing).
The three themes are so interwoven that elements
of one highlights and elucidates the
other. Therefore, while we explore research
on the three topics we will actually do some of
the spiritual or healing practices the research
discusses, e.g., Tibetan Tong Len, meditation,
Chinese qigong, and look briefly into the lives
of Jesus, Thomas Merton, Lao Tsu, and others.
The Psalmist tells us that we “are wonderfully
made” and this workshop will help us
to celebrate and appreciate that reality more

There is abundance in our workshop/retreat
material so time will not permit us to explore
everything in great depth but we will be able
to touch upon salient points which the retreatants
can continue to work with long after
our week end. NB: This workshop is not a
form of diagnosis or treatment. Please consult
your health care provider as needed.
Brother/Doctor Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD,
DNM is a Christian monk with private monastic
vows in the Roman Catholic and Salesian
traditions. He is also vowed and knighted
in the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights
of Hope and a member of the Pastoral Medical
Association. Brother Bernard is a clinical
psychologist, board certified in behavioral
medicine, and a Doctor of Natural Medicine
specializing in Chinese Medicine. Doctor Seif
has devoted almost half a century to immersing
himself into the lives of the 16th Century
French founders of his Salesian spiritual lineage,
Jane de Chantal and Francis de Sales.
Numerous trips to Asia, both for clinical
training and charitable work, bring a depth
and authenticity to his Chinese medical practice
as well as to his writing. The presenter
is an avid mystery reader, although he often
prefers to listen to them on his mp3 player
while hiking. This combination of spirituality
and mystery blossomed into his Office of the
Dead series of monastic mystery books.

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