Sacred Song: Short Retreat – Celebrating Chant and Sacred Words

December 13, 2019 - December 14, 2019

Sacred Song: Short Retreat – Celebrating Chant and Sacred Words


Offered by Sara Thomsen and EHoP community members
Friday, December 13 – Saturday, December 14 , 2019 (introductory)
$225 (Scholarships available)


In addition to her solo work, Sara is a weaver of song and community singing. At concerts, conferences, classrooms, workshops, retreats, jails, places of prayer, and lines of protest, to be with Sara is to want to sing. Increasing wonder and awareness, deepening spiritual connection, and widening social engagement through song is at the heart of her work. Sara’s ability to get people singing magically transforms gatherings into communities empowered with possibility.

Sara is the artistic director and member of “Three Altos,” along with Rabbi Amy Bernstein, and Thomsen’s spouse Paula Pedersen. The trio has released two CDs: Camaradas and One Voice. Sara is the founder and artistic director of the Echoes of Peace Choir, a nonaudition community choir in Duluth, Minnesota, with a repertoire of world music and a membership of 70+ voices. Thomsen founded and directs the Echoes of Peace non-profit to expand and develop the work of examining critical social issues using music and the arts to build and bridge informed, engaged, and caring communities.

Join us for a celebratory retreat experience in Advent. We will gather informally and share sacred words and chant, as well as shared contemplative prayer.

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Sara Thomsen grew up surrounded by a family and community that loved to sing. From listening to her father sing lullabies and onward, Sara’s life has been infused with music. She is a staunch supporter of struggles for human dignity and ecological sustainability. Slowing down enough to see and hear the vibrant wonder of the commonplace is her work and play. All this can be felt in her music. Whether it is a song welcoming a newborn, protesting a policy, depicting night falling or describing a loved one, her music is alive and pulsing.

To hear snippet of Sara’s music, visit her website. 

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