RAH! at the Ranch — a Personal Spiritual Tune-up

July 2, 2012 - July 8, 2012


The 13th century Christian mystic, Hildegard von Bingen, said that as we grow closer to God we “redden.” Join redheaded adventure writer and spiritual coach Jessica Maxwell for a personal spiritual tune-up like none other. Author of the double-gold award-winning spiritual memoir, Roll Around Heaven, Jessica and RAH!, as fans call her book, were anointed by the Huffington Post as “the real deal.” Her best friend calls Jessica’s journey, “Lucille Ball trips over God.”

In RAH! Jessica draws upon the deep wisdom of Judaic-Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Native American traditions gathered first-hand during her travels. She also sees profound (if sometimes hilarious) visions, hears the voice of God, is visited by light beings—angelic and otherwise, uses Second Sight to help clear people of crippling emotional traumas, and even heals a paralyzed squirrel with prayer. “And so can you!” she insists, because RAH! is not a study of spirituality…it is spirituality, right here, right now, and available to all.

Over and over, readers report that her book and workshops and the authentic light that guides them have restored their faith, given them hope, affirmed their own mystical experiences, changed their lives and even saved their lives. After a RAH! workshop, you return home with “the mud cleared off your headlights,” equipped with practical, well-tested tools to help you stay clear and bright, anchored in Spirit and deeply at peace.

Jessica Maxwell is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism, and the author of books on flyfishing, adventure travel, and natural medicine. Roll Around Heaven is her unbidden debut into the spiritual genre and the foundation for her teachings at Ghost Ranch. Jessica was the youngest regular contributor to Esquire’s Travel column, created and wrote Audubon’s in-the-field conservation column, True Nature , and wrote a definitive cover story for Natural History Magazine on the plight of Pacific Northwest salmon. She has published adventure travel narratives in AARP the Magazine, Audubon, Esquire, Forbes, Gourmet, More, Outside, The Discovery Channel Magazine, Town & Country and Travel & Leisure She is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship, a Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award for Environmental Reporting, and her work was included in Bill Bryson’s anthology Best American Travel Writing 2000. Roll Around Heaven won two 2010 gold book awards for best spiritual memoir.

Week(s) 07/02/2012 – 07/08/2012

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