Poetry Through the Lens Photography Retreat

June 7, 2013 - June 10, 2013
Offered by
Fort Qu'Appelle SK





Friday, June 7 (6pm supper) to Sunday, June 9 (3pm)
Optional Day: Sunday, June 9 (3pm) to Monday, June 10 (1pm)

The images of desolation and renewal are prevalent themes in life.  Looking at images and poems relating to these two themes, participants will reflect on these together and then, based on the themes that emerge, capture/receive images from the natural world in and around Calling Lakes Centre that would provide further deepening of our spiritual journey. 

We will be connecting with the beauty of creation in and around Calling Lakes Centre through photography and conversations with self and with one another through “spiral conversation” – a process of deep listening and sharing based on Lectio Divina.  One-on-one instruction and feedback on camera use and photography will be part of this weekend.  One of the practical goals of this event is to produce visual presentation for small group discussions and/or worship celebrations (see the Extended Component).

We will be covering the following areas over the weekend:

•     Photography techniques, applications, and presentations.  Everyone will be encouraged to take photos, process, and select the images for sharing each day.

•     Connecting inclusive and life affirming spirituality with images for small group discussions, celebrations, or worship.

•     Exploring resources that promote and facilitate connections with people from various socio-political backgrounds.

•     Discovering beauty within and around.

•     Utilizing and developing various ways and means to process one’s spirituality: journaling, poetry, etc. …

The week will be filled with self-discovery in relation to nature and in spiritual community with people who are committed to finding beauty and the sacred in the ordinary. Please bring musical instruments to enhance in developing visual presentation.

Who might benefit from the weekend:
This weekend is open to anyone interested in taking pictures, from beginner to advanced.

v    anyone seeking fun and creative ways of engaging with this beautiful world of ours

v    individuals looking to learn more about photography.  Some familiarity with a camera would be helpful, however, any skill level is welcome.

v    those looking for new or deeper ways of expressing spirituality.  Lots of resources will be shared and participants are welcome to share theirs.

v    parent/child, partners, individuals and groups looking for ways to connect and bond will find the conversations and photography immensely helpful

v    those in publicity, communication, and media work

v    bloggers, writers, communicators of all types

v    those who are seeking healing for themselves or others through poetry and/or photography

v    denominational staff who work with photographic images in their work

v    Spiritual leaders, Worship or Christian Education Committee members seeking new and different ways to facilitate programs/worship using visual images

v    those participating in audio-visual presentations in celebrations

Teams from the same congregation or groups from the same area would be a great idea.


LeadershipRichard Choe has been photographing professionally for over 20 years. He shares his sense of beauty in and through workshops, public speaking, worship celebrations, and teaching photography as a spiritual practice.  He is minister at Kingston Road United Church.

Richard’s photography captures the sacred in the ordinary.  He believes that the essential task of a photographer is to connect the beauty within oneself with the world around.  Art, a form of spirituality, is a process of discovering, discerning, encountering, and expressing the beauty experienced.  Spiritual enlightenment is when harmony is experienced between the beauty within and the beauty around oneself. 

Richard photographs for media agencies and faith organizations in and outside of Canada.  His clients include the World Council of Churches 9WCC) and its related agencies, the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC), the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America, Sojourners Magazine, The United Church Observer, and other mainline denominations in Canada and the USA. 

Here is Richard’s daily blog where he uploads an image he connected with and a quote from books he has read – http://wondergaze.blogspot.com/


Extended Component

Sunday, June 9, 3 pm to Monday, June 10, 1 pm

Participants in the Poetry Through the Lens Photography Retreat are invited to stay for this extended time to work on a personal project.   This project may include putting together a PowerPoint presentation around a poem, creating images for Photo Language (small group conversations process), making cards, or other possibilities.   Participants do not need PowerPoint software to be part of this program.  Participants will receive one-on-one time with Richard to work on their personal project.  Come and learn how to share with others what you learned in the first part of the retreat!

Investment in Learning: $290, $100 extra for optional day

Decision Day: May 21


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