Pentecostalism: From Roots to Recent Growth – Online

June 1, 2020 - June 5, 2020
Offered by Regent College
5800 University Blvd.
VancouverBCV6T 2E4

Description: This live course is available asynchronously for registered students who are working during the live sessions or in a timezone that prevents them from participating in the live sessions. For more information see the Summer FAQ here.

Examine the history, theology, and demographics of global Pentecostalism in the twentieth century. In order to grasp the international dynamics of this movement, ground your survey on an in-depth case study: Indian Pentecostalism in the twentieth century. With a foundational understanding of Pentecostalism’s emergence and development in place, turn to the emergence of neo-Pentecostalism in the twenty-first century. Encounter these exciting new developments as they are taking shape both in North America and the majority world.

Credits: 1–2 (1 Audit)
Code: APPL.566
Instructor: Stanley John