Peace & Friendship: First Nations Teachings Workshop Series

March 14, 2016 - June 21, 2016
Offered by Five Oaks Centre
Paris ON

Peace & Friendship: First Nations Teachings Workshop Series

The work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada came to an end in June 2015 as recommendations were made to begin to pave the way toward reconciliation between First Nations and non-First Nations peoples. Now, we all have a role to play in working toward reconciliation. This workshop series is focused on coming to a deeper understanding of First Nations history, culture and practices – with a particular emphasis on Haudenosaunee values.

All people are welcome to attend these evening events at Five Oaks, no matter what your cultural background or ethnic identity – both   non-indigenous and indigenous.

These workshops are offered in partnership with Nations Uniting. Nations Uniting on Six Nations is a safe place to share and recapture the vision of the Elders in pursuit of peace and the common good with Six Nations / New Credit Territories and neighbouring communities. We bring people together to share this vision and find our common Spiritual Journey. Our vision is to be a welcoming and safe place to pursue peace and healing for everyone within Six Nations/ New Credit Territories and our neighbouring communities.

Cost is by donation.

In order to fully live out our commitment to reconciliation, half of the proceeds from these workshops will be donated toward the ‘Save the Evidence’ campaign to restore the former Mohawk institute in Brantford, Ontario and the other half will help support youth to attend Wampum at Five Oaks.

Please RSVP by emailing Jenny  or call 519-442-3212.


Workshops in the series:

Traditional First Nations Teachings
March 14, 2016. Mon. 7-9pm.  Come and learn about traditional Mohawk teachings and ceremonies with Norma General Lickers.
Blanket Exercise: Understanding First Nations History in Canada
April 11, 2016. Mon. 7-9pm.  The Blanket Exercise is an enormously popular and successful teaching tool that uses participatory popular education methodology to raise awareness and understanding of the history of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Since its creation in 1996 as a creative, innovative and interactive way to educate Indigenous and non-Indigenous people about the major themes and recommendations of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, the Blanket Exercise has been conducted hundreds of times with thousands of people of all ages and from all backgrounds.
Two Row Wampum Teaching
April 25, 2016.  Mon. 7-9pm.  The Two Row wampum is one of the oldest treaty relationships between the Onkwehonweh (indigenous) people of Turtle Island and the European immigrants to these shores. This treaty was made in 1613 between the Dutch and the Haudenosaunee as Dutch traders and settlers moved up the Hudson River into Mohawk territory. Come and learn about the two row teaching and what it has to teach us about living in peace and friendship today.
Understanding First Nations Land Claims & Treaties 
May 16, 2016. Mon. 7-9pm.  Land is an important aspect of Fist Nations identity. It is also what creates conflict and divides between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Come to learn about land claims, treaties and the importance of land in First Nations history and culture.
First Nations Water Ceremony 
June 21, 2016.  Tues. 7-9pm.  On Turtle Island (North America), water has been used by First Nations peoples in ceremonies for centuries. Join us on National Aboriginal Awareness Day to experience a Water Ceremony as we give thanks to Creator for the gift of life-sustaining water.

For a printable flyer for this series, click here.