Palestine of Jesus: The Spirituality of Lent

February 28, 2017 - March 13, 2017

Palestine of Jesus: The Spirituality of Lent

Dates: February 28, 2017 to March 13, 2017
Price: Starting at $3,360.00
Days: 14 Day
Course Code: D17
Spaces Remaining: 39


Palestine of Jesus

Palestine of Jesus is the most popular course offered by St George’s College and is offered several times each year.

The program combines biblical and historical studies with pilgrimage to selected sites connected with the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection.

Each offering of this program is adapted to reflect the church’s liturgical year, or the special needs of particular pilgrimage groups.

During the first half of 2016 the Palestine of Jesus courses will pay special attention to Luke’s representation of Jesus. From the summer of 2016 the focus will shift to Mathew’s treatment of Jesus. In Advent, Lent and at Easter we may offer variations that especially focus on themes and places associated with those seasons.

A typical 14 day Palestine of Jesus course will include 4 days in Galilee, based in Nazareth so there are opportunities to engage with the ‘living stones’ of the Palestinian Christian community. There will also be visits to Bethlehem, Jericho, Masada and Qumran, as well as pilgrimage sites in Jerusalem and a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.

The primary goal of the Palestine of Jesus course is to deepen our engagement with the Gospels, to become familiar with the so-called ‘Fifth Gospel’ of the land, and to engage with the local Christian community. We will also hear the voices of Palestinians and Israelis—Jews, Christians and Muslims—as they struggle for peace and justice in the land.

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