Ottawa School of Theology & Spirituality 2017 Winter Term

January 9, 2017 - March 20, 2017

Ottawa School of Theology & Spirituality


OSTS Courses for the 2017 Winter Term


Winter Term 2017 (January 09 – March 20, 2017)


First-hour courses (7:30 – 8:20 p.m.)

Course G: Music in Worship over the Centuries
Alan Thomas, former Director of Music, Ashbury College and Westminster Presbyterian Church

The course provides a broad overview of vocal and instrumental music in various traditions, starting with
Jewish music and the Old Testament up to modern times. Talks will include the development of Christian
church music through Medieval, Classical Romantic and Modern times in England and European
countries, with examples from the works of famous composers.

Course H: Forgiveness: Redeeming the Past, Unbinding the Future
The Rev. Canon Dr. Gary Hauch, retired Anglican Priest

Forgiveness can heal past wounds, transform enmity into friendship and unbind a future constrained by
the wounds of the past. Forgiveness draws on such practices as truth-telling, repentance, prayer,
community, hospitality and generosity. This course will explore the biblical and theological traditions of
forgiveness; in the process, we will look at its different dimensions, its limits and what it is not.

Course I: Jewish Thinkers and the Broader Society
Jonathan Wouk, Ph.D.

In Judaism, religion is of primary relevance to all aspects of social, family and individual life. Join us in
exploring how Jewish philosophers from the first century CE to modern times have grappled with the
philosophical questions arising from discussions of societal, commercial or political matters. The
philosophers presented will include, among others, Philo, Maimonides and Isaiah Berlin.

Second-hour courses (8:40 – 9:30 p.m.)

Course J: The Francis Effect: A Church with Open Doors
Catherine E. Clifford, professor, Faculty of Theology, Saint Paul University

The election of Jorge Bergoglio as the Bishop of Rome in 2013 signals a historic shift in Catholicism.
Beginning from a consideration of Pope Francis’ focus on the spirit of the Beatitudes, this course will
explore his efforts to promote a spiritual and structural reform of the papal office and to promote a culture
of encounter with Christ in every level of ecclesial life.

Course K: God and a Construction Crew: A Look at Nehemiah
Rev. Stanley Hanna, Southminster United Church

A cup bearer for an emperor seems like a lowly position staffed by someone expendable. If true, then why
would the emperor give said cup bearer an extended leave of absence, supplies to rebuild Jerusalem’s
walls, lumber to build himself a house there, and an armed escort for a round trip of 3220 kilometres?

Course L: What Is Theology?
Fr. Jean Doutre O.P., Ph.D., and a team of lecturers from the Dominican University College

What is the purpose, usefulness and contribution of theology? What are its foundations and how does it
work? How does it relate to history, exegesis and philosophy? How do faith and reason fit into
theological reflection? What interaction is there between this theological pursuit and the knowledge that
philosophical reflection brings with regard to humankind, its universe and its destiny?

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