New Testament Seminar: Reverberations of Scripture in the Gospels

September 11, 2023 - December 11, 2023
Dates: Sep 11 - Dec 11, 2023 Days: Mon Time: 2:15PM - 5:15PM Pacific Time
Offered by Regent College
Tuition rates for Summer 2023, Fall 2023, and Winter 2024 will be: * $520 per credit hour registered for onsite * $385 per audit hour registered for onsite * * $540 per credit hour registered for online * $405 per audit hour registered for online

Reverberations of Scripture in the Gospels is an advanced New Testament seminar designed to heighten understanding of how the gospel writers were shaped by their interaction with the Scriptures of Israel. Topics include consideration of various forms of appropriation employed by the gospel writers and Jesus himself, forms such as quotations, allusions, echoes, the use of rabbinic techniques, and the crafting of narrative structures. The seminar begins with five weeks of lecture on prolegomena to the subject and an introduction to the use of Scripture in each of the canonical Gospels. This will be followed by two weeks of reading, analyzing, and discussing articles assessing some aspect of the use of the Jewish scriptures in the canonical gospels. The balance of the term consists of student presentations of critical research on the impact of the Scriptures on a pericope from the Life of Christ. This phase of the seminar will be conducted by a format of presentation-formal response-rejoinder-discussion.

This course has a maximum enrollment of 12 students.

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